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Latest updates

Hi! Welcome to the latest version of the Pixel Editor. It's been quite a while! Most of the changes happened behind the scenes: we worked very hard to refactor the code, make it a bit more modern and scalable so that contributions will, hopefully, be easier to make.

We have some good news for users as well!

Pixel Grid

I've worked a bit on the pixel grid to make it look a bit better and less intrusive when zooming in. You can see the difference in behaviour between the new grid (left) and the old grid (right) in the image below. In addition, the pixel grid will now automatically be hidden when the zoom level becomes too low: in that way looking at big sprites becomes a lot less performance-heavy and it doesn't cause lag.

Quality of life

I've added some quality of life improvements, sometimes subtle (maybe you won't notice but you'd have definitely noticed the absence of them), sometimes a bit more noticeable. For example:
  • It's now possible to delete a layer by selecting it and hitting "DEL"
  • When adding a colour to the palette, it is automatically selected
  • Thanks to NSSure, you can now select a name for your exported / saved project
  • The brush preview should now be less intrusive while still being visible

Important bug fixes

A lot of nasty bugs have been fixed! Please, if you know more we aren't aware of, feel free to open an issue or make a pull request.
  • Fixed the bug that caused file corruptions
  • Fixed fill tool not working and creating hundreds of similar colours in certain browsers
  • Fixed the build procedure for Windows
  • Fixed the editor ignoring the scale factor when exporting

End of log

That's all for this update! We have some cool things planned for the near future, so stay tuned :)
- Unsettled

P.S.: we're always looking for contributors! Join the Lospec discord to get in touch!

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Creating a new pixel will discard your current one.


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About Lospec Pixel Editor

version 1.1.0

This is a web-based tool for creating and editing pixel art.

The goal of this tool is to be an accessible and intuitive tool that's simple enough for a first time pixel artist while still being usable enough for a veteran.

In the future I hope to add enough features to become a full fledged pixel art editor, with everything an artist could need.

About Lospec

Lospec is a website created to host tools for pixel artists. To see more of our tools, visit our homepage. To hear about any updates or new tools, follow us on Twitter.






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