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Latest updates

Hello there, welcome to the latest version of the Lospec Pixel Editor. As you can see, we changed quite a lot of things. Let's go through all them, starting from this page.

Splash page

The editor now has a splash page! Besides a fancy cover image with beautiful art, on the bottom left of the page you'll be able to create a new custom pixel. You can also use the quickstart menu to quickly select a preset or load an existing file. It was designed by Skeddles himself! Pro tip: once you've created a new project, you can go back to the splash page by clicking on Editor -> Splash page

Canvas resizing

We implemented canvas resizing! If you wanted to draw a t-rex but created a 4x4 canvas, we've got you covered! You can now click on Edit -> Resize canvas to decrease the size of the project. Same goes if you drew an ant on a 1024x1024 canvas, just go to Edit -> Resize canvas and decrease the dimensions.

Sprite scaling

In addition to the Lospec Pixel Art Scaler, you can now take advantage of the editor's built-in scaling function. Just click on Edit -> Scale sprite to scale up or down your work. With the nearest-neighbour algorithm you'll be able to scale sprites in a pixel-perfect manner, while with bilinear interpolation it's possible to add (or remove, if you're scaling down a sprite) antialiasing.

Line tool

Our contributor Liam added a new line tool! Quality of life improvement are planned for it, the rectangle and the rectangular selection tools.

Advanced mode: colour picker and palette block

If you're a proud user of the advanced mode, you'll be able to try out the new colour picker: it supports 3 colour models, 6 colour harmonies and multiple ways to input data. Next to it, you'll find the new palette block, which lets you arrange your colours however you want, add and remove multiple colours at once. Changes made in the palette block will update the palette list you've always been familiar with.

Other changes:

  • You can now move colours in the palette menu
  • Use View -> Pixel grid to show the pixel grid
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, made the brush preview pixel perfect
  • Added Layer -> Duplicate to duplicate a layer
  • Quality of life development improvements by Nkoder and Pongles
  • Canvas trimming to get rid of all the extra space you have in your sprite

That's all folks!

That's all for this update! Hope you have fun with this new release :)
- Unsettled

P.S.: we're always looking for contributors! Join the Lospec discord to get in touch!

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Creating a new pixel will discard your current one.


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About Lospec Pixel Editor

version 1.1.0

This is a web-based tool for creating and editing pixel art.

The goal of this tool is to be an accessible and intuitive tool that's simple enough for a first time pixel artist while still being usable enough for a veteran.

In the future I hope to add enough features to become a full fledged pixel art editor, with everything an artist could need.

About Lospec

Lospec is a website created to host tools for pixel artists. To see more of our tools, visit our homepage. To hear about any updates or new tools, follow us on Twitter.






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