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Brush tool

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New Pixel





Creating a new pixel will discard your current one.

Latest updates

Heyo! New pixel editor update, with some very requested changes. After the code refactoring, adding features is way easier: I introduced some more selection tools, the ellipse tool and an info bar in the top menu :)

Lasso tool

Finally! With the lasso tool you're not forced to select rectangular areas anymore. Have fun selecting, cutting, copying and pasting any kind of selection with pixel-perfect precision.

Magic wand

In addition to the lasso tool, we added a new selection tool: the magic wand. You can use it to select contiguous areas of the same colour! If you need to exactly select the pixels of a certain colour, you're probably going to find the magic wand useful.

Ellipse tool

I added a cute friend for the rectangle tool: with the ellipse tool you'll be able to draw circles and ellipses of all sizes. The tool works similarly to the rectangle tool: select it to draw empty ellipses, click on the ellipse button again to draw filled ellipses.

Tool tutorials

I know what you're thinking, "wow those gifs are so cute, that guy must have put a lot of love in them". Well, I'm glad you like them, and I have good news for you: there are more! Move the cursor on a tool button: after a little a small tutorial explaining how to use the tool will appear. Hope it's useful for everyone who's new to the editor!

Top bar info

Depending on the tool you're using, you'll notice that the top right part of the editor will slightly change. When using a resizable tool (eraser, brush, rectangle, ellipse, line), it's now possible to select a precise size by typing it in the input field that appears when you select it. More features that make use of the top bar are planned.

Bug fixes and minor details

  • Squares in the splash page are now...well...actual squares
  • Using the mouse when a dialogue popup is open will no longer edit the canvas
  • For coders: the selection system has been uniformed
  • Tool buttons have been shrinked to make room for more

End of log

You've reached the end of this log, congrats. Special thanks to Jaman on Discord, who's helping us and who found a quite nasty bug in the selectiont tools. Hope to see you soon in a new log!
- Unsettled

P.S.: we're always looking for contributors! Join the Lospec discord to get in touch or have a look at the editor repository!

New Custom Pixel




Creating a new pixel will discard your current one.


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About Lospec Pixel Editor

version 1.1.0

This is a web-based tool for creating and editing pixel art.

The goal of this tool is to be an accessible and intuitive tool that's simple enough for a first time pixel artist while still being usable enough for a veteran.

In the future I hope to add enough features to become a full fledged pixel art editor, with everything an artist could need.

About Lospec

Lospec is a website created to host tools for pixel artists. To see more of our tools, visit our homepage. To hear about any updates or new tools, follow us on Twitter.






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